Frequently Asked Questions About Recipro City

Q. Is Recipro City a registered charity?

A. No. It is not a requirement that a charity be registered. The only benefit to registering a charity is that people who contribute get to claim a tax deduction, and you get to absolve yourself of any personal liability. Both of those things defeat the purpose of what Recipro City is intended to accomplish. Giving unconditionally and accepting personal responsibility for our actions are important aspects of this cause.

Q. If I give Recipro City a donation, can I use it as a tax deduction?

A. No, because Recipro City is not a registered 501c3 corporation. If you choose to make a donation to Recipro City you should do so without any expectations or conditions. Recipro City is an experimental "gifting" economy, and true gifts are given unconditionally, with no expectation of getting anything in return. Rest assured though... the natural reciprocal return, on unconditional gifts, is always more then plenty.

Q. Wouldn't you get more donations if you registered?

A. Maybe.... but that doesn't matter to me. If it isn't a gift, free and clear, it defeats the whole purpose of what Recipro City is all about. I only accept, unconditional gifts. The gifts I offer are also unconditional.

Q. Why do you have to make this about your political views? I mean, I was all on board with what you are doing until I really looked at your website and your brochure. Why can't you just do it without making your views known. You would probably be more successful that way.

A. I created Recipro City as a possible solution to our world's most pressing issues.... issues that stem largely from the mindless use of money. I can see how you might consider my views to be "political" but really, they are simply humanitarian, in nature. We have allowed the well-being of our planet and all life upon it, to fall into the hands of corrupt entities.... whether they be people or corporations. It is time we took back our power and responsibility. I feel it is more important to work on a solution that excludes all political influence. Besides, the success I seek is not all about how many gifts I give or receive. I am simply offering a healthier alternative to the current failing, corrupt, corporate economy.

Q. What exactly is Recipro City? Is it a free store? Is it a group? Is it an organization? Is it a charity? Is it a community project/experiment?

A. In this moment of now, Recipro City is an idea, an experiment, a vision, a dream, a goal, a gift. In future moments of now I intend for Recipro City to be a community run, co-operative sharing center..... a place where people come for healing, peace, relaxation, gardening and to get their basic survival needs met, through a moneyless system of direct energy exchange.
For a while, I had a store in my basement.  People came here, by appointment, to bring contributions and choose from the offerings. I try not to use the word "free" to describe the store because "free", as people know it today, implies "no reciprocation". It actually creates the opposite of what I am doing here. It stops up the flow of reciprocal energy that Recipro City is intent on creating. As of now, Recipro City has no "legal" anything. I have not registered it in any way. As there is no legislation on gifting, that I am aware of, (beyond the tax limits) I am not seeing a need. I will not accept any gift that reaches beyond the tax limit ($14,000.00 is the current amount a single person can gift, without having to report it or pay tax on it).  Perhaps someday, there will be a Recipro City Trust but I will not incorporate.

Q. Don't people take advantage of you with your "no price tag" policy.

A. Some do..... but it isn't their fault and when it happens, it gives me an opportunity to adress my personal issues around attachment and expectation. I want to learn to always give without expectation. This is a unlearning/re-learning process, for everyone involved. For everyone who gives little, or nothing, there are plenty of others, who are generous enough to balance everything out. It always balances out, as long as I don't get in the way of the flow. I really don't even keep track of what comes and goes from here. People all have, at least, an unconscious awareness of energy imbalances, so, if they take more than their own soul is comfortable with, they become increasingly uncomfortable with the energy here. People don't generally come too many times, without offering a reciprocation.  I always have lots to share and, since I am practicing at letting go of attachments, I don't need to focus on those things. I am free of keeping track of the comings and goings. I invest not a single moment in assessing the value, or putting a price on anything. Sometimes an attachment will show itself ...mostly to the original art and crystals because these are things I have my personal energy invested in.... but then I remember that everything I give unconditionally comes back with the inevitable flow of reciprocity... and I have to consciously choose to just get over it. Once I do, it is all good! :-)

Q. How does Recipro City help the people?

A. I designed a whole page to answer this question. Go to

Q. Do you live without money now?

A. No. I am extracting myself from the banking system, in stages. The process of building Recipro City is also the same process of extracting myself. As I learn, I teach others. It is a delicate process, and I find that small changes stick better than biting off huge chunks. I am, for the moment, focusing on eliminating my association with the banking industry by not using any more financial products than I need. I still have a car payment. I work just enough hours at my Good Vibes Cleaning business to cover expanses that need to be paid with $'s. I buy only the things I need and used when possible and I am a do-it-yourselfer to the max. I rarely hire outside help. I am a quick learner and can figure out how to do almost any project, except auto repair (I could learn it, just don't want to.). I spend much of the rest of my time creating. I do direct energy exchange, for some of what I need, outside of paying bills, and receive lots of wonderful gifts that seem to cover the area of entertainment.... gift cards for nice dinners out.... a year membership to Nature Center.... perfect gifts like that... :-) It's a process in motion and I'm learning as I go. The more faith and less attachment to stuff, the less money I need. You must realize that this isn't something anyone can do alone. We must revert back to the days when community and co-operation met the needs of the people. This requires a diverse group of individuals, in order for us to meet all the basic needs of the entire community.

UPDATE 2/11/2016
In November of 2015 I separated from my husband and moved out of our home. Since then, I have been closing my Kalamazoo based, Good Vibes Cleaning business and have been house and pet sitting, in various lacations, in the Kalamazoo area. The cleaning business is now closed completely and on February 15th I will venture away from Kalamazoo with only my faith and a small amount of cash. I will live, without money, as much as possible. I still have a car payment(9 more payments of $225/month), car insurance($84/month), phone($44/month), website fees($30.00/month), plus food and gasoline, to earn $'s for. I am hoping to do direct energy exchange for everything else. Pet sitting, cleaning services and my art should bring in the $s I need.

UPDATE 11/29/2016 I have been living vagabond style since last update and learning, without a doubt, that money is not a necessity in order to get my basic needs met. I have not paid a penny for rent or utilities for this whole year. I have done direct energy exchange for all of it.... except for the six weeks I lived in a tent in the National Forest. That was my favorite part of this year so far but I had to find shelter for the winter. I am currently spending the winter in a beautiful, mountain cabin, in a wonderful resort, in the Ouachitah National Forest near Mount Ida Arkansas. I pay no money for these accomodations. I am trading my skill as a clutter-clearer and housekeeper for rent and utilities. I trade my art for food and gas money.

Q. What do you mean when you say "take Recipro City on the road?

A.I am offering to do presentations, for groups, about Recipro City Share Fairs, Share Sheds and Recipro Stations. I could even help people set them up.

UPDATE 11/29/2016 I have yet to do any of these things but I talk to everyone I meet, about this plan. I know I have planted some seeds this past year!