An Experimental Model For A Perpetually
Free-Flowing Cashless Economy

  Contribute Faithfully  <---> Receive Abundantly

  Reciprocation is generally thought of as an equal exchange between two people under specific conditions. Recipro City's interpretation eliminates conditions, which creates an uninhibited flow of shared abundance. We meet the needs of others for no other reason than we have the ability to do so.

   When we set conditions, we create limitations.

  When we contribute faithfully and do for others unconditionally, we create the space for Spirit to do the reciprocating. Believe me! Spirit always reciprocates in far greater measure than what I give or even what I determine to be a fair exchange.

  The Law of Reciprocity is always at work. Whatever we put out always comes back! What goes around, comes around.

  Please, take notice of the arrows between the hearts in the Recipro City logo. Every heart has arrows pointing to and from. As we give, we make space to receive. What freely flows out, freely flows back in.

  For some people, receiving without conditions is even more difficult than giving without conditions. Here again, all conditions need to be released to guarantee an uninhibited flow. We'd do well to abandon the idea that we cannot accept things without feeling the need to give something in return.  Keeping the energy balanced between what you give and what you receive is important, but the giving doesn't necessarily have to be to those who give to you. You can always pay it forward. I guarantee that you will be led to someone who has a need that you are able to fill.

  We all have talents and abilities and personal  possessions to share.  We don't have to limit our sharing by putting a $ value on everything. We can share freely and trust that the joy we give to another has no place to flow but right back to us, through the generosity of another open, generous, faithful heart.
“Today, I will know the unadulterated joy of giving with no strings. I acknowledge that sometimes I hope for praise or reciprocation when I give ... and that that detracts from the joy of giving. Today, the giving will be my joy. I know that I will sow what I reap, but I will not sow for the purpose of reaping. I will sow for the joy of sowing.” ~ Jan Denise