Recipro City is a model for a perpetually free-flowing, cashless economy, based on the principles of unconditional love and reciprocity. Reciprocity is an unconditional, unhindered flow of giving and receiving.

I have spent the past 3 years, learning and practicing the Recipro City principle of "Just give and the rest takes care of itself." I now know that I only had half the understanding needed to make this type of economy work.

UPDATE 11/29/2016

Now, I know that it is just as important to receive unconditionally as it is to give unconditionally. My personal inability to access dollar/digits was as much about refusing the gifts being offered to me, as it was about learning to give unconditionally. It has been an interesting process and has required much personal growth and new understanding.

I began this process by opening a store in my own home, where I offered everything in it to whoever wanted to take it, without a price tag. I let the people decide the value of the items and I also left it to them to determine, if and what they would exchange and even when they would exchange it. I didn't keep track of what they gave or what they took. Some took much and echanged little or nothing. Others gave, far beyond what they took. Either way, many people were served and blessed by the abundance that flowed through that store. Even though the store is now closed, the blessings continue to flow.

In February of 2016 I prepared to leave Kalamazoo for a vagabond style life. I have started a house / pet sitting venture and have also joined the WWOOFers, which is a network that links organic growers with people who want to work and learn about healthy, sustainable growing practices on their farms, in exchange for room and board. I will go where spirit directs me. I  am having a very strong feeling that I am going to find the community I seek, or a place to start such a community, while traveling.

Today is 11/29/2016 and I have been on the road, trading my energy for food and lodging, since I wrote the last update above. I have made my way to Mount Ida, Arkansas and have found a place where I would love to grow the Recipro City project. More detail to the vision is forming and I am preparing to begin sharing it.

I hope to eventually be involved with a self-sufficient, sutainable, eco-friendly community where a gifting type of economy is understood and utilized. I'm not certain yet, if I am supposed to start this community or find it.

I just know I'm supposed to share the vision and trust that everything else will be executed by a Higher Power.

I do not claim ownership of this idea. It was given to me to share with everyone. Please feel free to take it and use it, as you see fit.

An Experimental Model For A Perpetually Free-Flowing Cashless Economy

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
~ Buckminster Fuller